About us


Vision and Mission

The Japanese Society of Gerodontology works in coordination with its members and also with various other medical and academic societies in Japan and overseas to promote studies and research related to gerodontology and to help disseminate useful knowledge among its members. Our goal, shared by all our members, is to promote and improve the health and medical care for older adults, thereby contributing to academic and scientific development and the general welfare of the nation. Specifically, the Society implements the following activities:

  1. Holding annual meetings and other related annual meeting events
  2. Publishing Society journals and providing other publications
  3. Training and certifying dentists and other personnel who are involved in dental and related health care for older adults
  4. Promoting academic research and awarding outstanding achievements
  5. Involved in and promoting exchanges with other relevant organizations both in Japan and overseas
  6. Helping improve the quality of health and medical care for older adults
  7. Implementing other activities that are necessary or beneficial to the goals of this Society