Further Enhancement of Our Activities
and Cooperation with Other Academic Societies

Kaoru Sakurai


I have maintained a position as the 6th President in Japanese Society of Gerodontology from 2014. This society was initially founded as a study group in September 1986 and then promoted to academic society status in 1990. The current membership exceeds 3,300. Its members come from various occupations related to dental and health care, including dentists (2,600 members), dental hygienists, medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, and speech-language-hearing therapists.

Our Society holds an annual meeting in June at different locations every year, with over 1,500 participants. It publishes the quarterly Japanese Journal of Gerodontology (mostly in Japanese) to promote better understanding and to encourage scientific and academic research in the field of gerodontology. The 31st volume of the Journal has just been published this year. Also Gerodontology is an official English journal. Other publications provided by our Society include gerodontological education and training standards, various guidelines, terminology dictionary and textbooks.

Many gerodontic specialists and the specialists on dysphagia rehabilitation therapy are certified by our society.

Our Society, with all its members, will continue its mission of promoting studies and research in the field of gerodontology and disseminating useful knowledge among its members, thereby promoting and improving the health and medical care for older adults, and contributing to academic and scientific development and the general welfare of the nation.